poxon imaging    
Photography by Rod Poxon LRPS


Hallsgrimskirkja Cathedral




Kerio Crater

Blue Lagoon




In February 2008 we had the opportunity to take a short break in Iceland, principally to see the Northern Lights (with luck!). Our first attempt was aborted when the pilot decided that 80 mph winds at Keflavik made take-off and landing tricky. A couple of weeks later we were off again without mishap.

On the Saturday we walked around Reykjavik including the cathedral which is the hottest church I have ever been in, and from the tower of which there are magnificent views over the city - and biting winds.

Overnight Saturday there was a snowstorm and that, combined with bright sunshine, made the Golden Circle Tour quite magical. Sunshine from low in the sky threw the contours into relief.

The Blue Lagoon was incredible: hot water, cold winds and ice. Not something we had planned, but a great way to relax on the way back to the airport and the flight home.