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Photography by Rod Poxon LRPS



Around Lisbon/Sintra








In June 2007, in order to avoid any unwanted celebrations for his 60th birthday, Rod decided to go away and Lisbon was the destination of choice. It was, for some reason, a city he had wanted to see for some time.

The hotel was right in the middle of the old town with views across to the castle and cathedral. Much use was made of public transport which led to the major drawback of the break - Rod was mugged whilst getting on to a bus. Fortunately, he was not injured and only cash was taken, the wallet being thrown back into the bus just as it was leaving.

Although Lisbon was enjoyable, the highlight was Sintra, particularly the Quinta da Regaleira: a whimsical place of rotating rock faces, underground passages leading to a totally different part of the garden, weird architecture and sculpture, something new and wonderful round every corner.

Despite the problems, an interesting area to visit.