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RAJASTHAN 2010    
Photography by Rod Poxon LRPS

We had been trying to visit Rajasthan for some time. Our first effort in 2005, staying in palaces all the time, was far too extravagant and so was shelved. It was resurrected, rather more modestly, for the end of 2009: but family problems cropped up just as we were about to confirm the booking. As happened again in February 2010.

Finally, we made it at the end of 2010, though we decided not to include Shimla and Amritsar on the same trip. November should have been the almost perfect time but the monsoons had not read the guide book and very heavy late rain made it tricky to get out of Jaipur through deep water - but an hour drive north gave way to a totally arid countryside.

It's an incredible place and we're now thinking where next to go in the same area.

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