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ARAJASTHAN 2010 - Mandawa    
Photography by Rod Poxon LRPS

Mandawa - Castle Hotel and Town

Mandawa - Walking Tour of Havelis

Today Mandawa is a relatively sleepy backwater in the middle of nowhere, full of rundown mansions giving a hint of better times gone by. Up until the early 20th century Mandawa was a thriving and bustling centre, full of rich merchants showing off their wealth with mansions, or havelis. And why? Because Mandawa sits on the caravan trade route from Persia (Iran), through Afghanistan, Pakistan, across north India, and on to Burma (Myanmar), Siam (Thailand) and the rest of South East Asia and in to southern China. That made Mandawa and its merchants wealthy.

Unfortunately, the harbour at Bombay (Mumbai) expanded and the railway spread across the sub-continent. Leaving Mandawa a sleepy backwater with an incredibly rich heritage of decorated buildings, many of which are sadly crumbling into ruin.