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Photography by Rod Poxon LRPS


The image pages have been created using Adobe Lightroom, which creates problems with the flexibility of navigating around the site. So certain work-arounds have been built in.

On all pages, click the poxon imaging logo to take you back to the Home page.

Clicking on the main title below the logo (ie as in "Site Navigation Instructions" above, will take you back to the primary section menu.

In certain areas which have a main subject and several sub-sections, the main title is followed by a name in brackets. Click on this to go back to the sub-menu.

If you are viewing a full-size image, you must click on "Index" at the top of the image to return to the index of those images before you can navigate back to any of the menus.

Please note that this is nothing more than an on-line photo album.

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